Liberated Women Self Protection Course

An in depth course including how to make yourself a hard target, how to avoid dangerous situations, and many simple, easy to use self defense techniques, with clear explanations and video. This course is specifically designed for women by a woman. No more being fearful. Become empowered, knowledgeable, aware, confident and prepared. Protect yourself, and your loved ones!




Develop the Attitude and confidence necessary to deter criminals. Become Aware of potentially dangerous situations and learn how to avoid them. Confidently take Action with simple, easy to use techniques, to defend yourself against a larger, stronger assailant.

Self Defense is the catalyst.  

When a woman no longer feels physically vulnerable or fearful, she can then break through mental barriers in other areas of her life. I encourage you to invest in yourself, your safety, your self worth, and your journey to living a life of freedom. 

You Can Do This!

Regardless of your age, size, physical ability or health, you can learn ways to protect yourself through this course. You are worth it!