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Do you feel..... "not enough", minimized, degraded? Weary, vulnerable, unappreciated, or unloved? 

Do you feel..... Like you were meant for more? You have fire inside of you, creativity longing to come forth, passion to be unleashed? Are you ready to strip all those old beliefs and break all the chains that have held you back? Are you ready to liberate yourself and live a life fully free and genuine?

If this is you, then I am so excited to walk beside you on this journey of unleashing your true self. Through the Kickboxing and Self Defense Classes, the online Self Protection Course, education from posts, books and master classes, and support from the community, you can transform your life. You can empower yourself and become truly FREE.


From A to Z, learn what you  need to know to recognize toxic traits and warning signs, get out of toxic relationships, heal, and prevent them from ever happening again.


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I couldn't put it down!

I read the whole book in one day. It was easy to read and to the point. The testimonies of the women really made you think and made the concepts clear. I highly recommend!

Marty Ulmer




Self Protection Course

Learn how attackers pick their targets and what you can do to keep them from choosing you, as well as situational awareness, the power of attitude, and simple, easy techniques to fight off an attacker- and win!


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Stay informed and educated on a wide variety of topics that affect women. Dive deeper, uncover, and recognize ways your freedom and independence have been restrained, and how you can break free from this.


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LIVE Classes and Community

Join like minded women! Twice a week join in on a kickboxing and self defense class from the comfort of your own home. As a member, you will receive the Self Protection Course for free, our private facebook group, and access to all masterclasses and educational resources.


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You laid down your life that I would be set FREE

Phil Wickham- "This is Amazing Grace"

If the Son sets you free,  you will be FREE indeed.

Yeshua, John 8:36


Meet Stephanie 

Martial Artist, Ladies Self Defense Specialist, Founder of Inher Power, Advocate for Women and Children.


Martial Artist

Founder of Inher Power

Ladies Self Defense Specialist

Advocate for women and children




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Top Ten Safety Tips


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